Common Spaces 2015 - current

Common Spaces depict interiors of common public spaces, like hotel hallways and dining areas in fast food restaurants. They are spaces that are consumed, visited and left; yet can trigger specific memories. I am interested in how these kinds of generic spaces can carry meaning—personal, sentimental, psychological—although they are formulaic in design. 

Lensing 2015 

The circular shape of the Lensing paintings refers to a view through a lens. The shape is like a fisheye lens, but the distortion is different. The space is reorganized so that architectural planes connect in ways to represent more than one view: a wall becomes a floor, a ceiling becomes a wall, and so forth. Certain visual clues. such as a window or a door, serve to ground the view, but the overall picture depicts ambiguity. These paintings question how the viewer locates herself in space and how space is pieced together. The composition of the Lensing paintings is inspired by the astronomical appearance of gravitational lensing. Gravitational lensing occurs when a galaxy or planet or some other kind of dense matter in space acts like a lens when its gravitational field bends the light of distant sources (stars, etc). The effect can split the light, resulting in a doubling of the image. 

Radiators 2015

Gallery, Front & Back 2013