Lost Cities 2017 - ongoing
This series consists of drawings of ancient cities, such as Nimrud and Palmyra, that were twice destroyed—centuries ago and more recently by ISIS fighters among other groups. Internet photographs are the source of the drawings. 

Deserts 2017
These were drawn from internet photos of burning oil fields in Iraq. 

Gymnasts 2018 - ongoing
This project is the beginning of a set of portraits of the 156 gymnasts who testified against Larry Nassar in January 2018. 

Elevator 2014
These ink paintings were made in response to the 2014 TMZ released video that showed Baltimore Ravens football player Ray Rice assault his then fiancé Janay Palmer in an elevator. The violent event captured by the elevator’s security camera played repeatedly over a number of days on television.

Lensing 2015
The composition of the Lensing paintings is inspired by the astronomical appearance of gravitational lensing. Gravitational lensing occurs when a galaxy or planet or some other kind of dense matter in space acts like a lens when its gravitational field bends the light of distant sources (stars, etc). The effect can split the light, resulting in a doubling of the image. The paintings are based on the gallery in which the work was first shown.

Galleries 2013

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