floating rooms

Floating Rooms are created from animated drawings, photographs and video. Through the process of remembering the spaces and reconfiguring them, these layered fragments form videos that are projected back onto the actual sites in which the footage was taken. The imagery moves from recorded representations to a diagrammatic idea of space, loosely linking one image sequence to another. The work points to the way memory seizes upon isolated fragments of experience, reconstructing and synthesizing them into a cohesive mental artifact. In this imperfect process, a resolved narrative never fully emerges. The work instead returns to the theme of an interior (both physical and psychological) in process, simultaneously being constructed and disassembled. 


Floating Room (Station Independent) 2013 / Installation views at Station Independent Projects, Lower East Side, New York.

Floating Room (Quiet Room) 2012 / Stills from video & installation views at Quiet Cue, Berlin, Germany.

Floating Room (Berlin Studio) 2011 / Stills from video & Installation views at MNP Projects, Berlin, Germany.

Floating Room (Shaftway) 2011 / Stills from video & installation views at Back Pond Projects, Long Island City, New York.