Environments envelop the viewer in the projected image blurring the boundaries between body and environment. The projections and the plexiglass structures are integrated with the architecture of the site. The usual visual clues that help to navigate space dissolve in the complexity of the projected light. The coordinates of wall, ceiling, and floor are destabilized. What is normally still and flat appears moving: expanding, sliding, slanting, warping. Immersed in the work, the viewer’s sense of physical space is transformed into a psychological space. A subjective, sensual experience of the work offers a fluid, open-ended relationship between viewer, space, and image.


Serpentine 2007 / Installation views at Fringe Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA.

A unit of moving straight black and white lines repeats throughout the piece with variation, developing from the quietness of a single straight line to the visual noise of densely overlapping organic forms. This project was made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts and with support from the Experiemental Television Center.

Expanding Magnetic Molten Symmetry 2006 /  Installation views at The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA.

The shifting pattern of black and white transforms from straight to curved lines to circular forms. The imagery occasionally flickers or pops as it turns into another version of itself. It is ordered, and then random; symmetrical, then asymmetrical. The shapes suggest primordial, cosmic, and hallucinogenic forms. 

On Center 2008

This piece is projected into a corner and has the illusion of extending beyond the physical space. Its rhythmic pace is similar to breathing.